Is it possible to cancel an order?

No, you can’t cancel orders. We process your purchases very quickly so we do not make it possible to cancel your orders. Be careful when purchasing and if you need assistance, do not hesitate to contact us.

I got the wrong article

We are very sorry, please send us an email describing the error, we will be happy to resolve together in a short time so that you can have exactly what you wanted.

I received a defective item

We are very sorry, send us an email describing the defect, also attach a photograph that helps us understand the problem, we will be happy to solve together in a short time so you can have exactly what you wanted.

Is it possible to modify an order?

No, you cannot modify your orders. We process your purchases very quickly so we do not make it possible to modify your orders. Be careful when purchasing and if you need assistance, do not hesitate to contact us.

When will I be charged the order amount?

The amount of your purchase will be charged at check out when you confirm payment in the most convenient ways. We remind you that the safety of our customers is very important to us. For this purpose, we perform security checks on certain orders and guarantee the reliability of our 100% payment systems.

È sicuro effettuare ordini su shop.cappuccini.it ?

Yes, our payment systems are controlled, secure and guaranteed. In the unlikely event that your card (or other payment method) is used without your permission, immediately contact your bank or card company. We also recommend that you communicate this to us.

Can I get information about shipments ?

Of course! We rely on the courier that guarantees safe deliveries within the indicated times, which are 24/48h from the time of your shopping! We guarantee free shipping for orders equal to or greater than 200€ For orders less than this amount, shipping costs are € 7.50 Our delivery service covers all of Italy, except: San Marino, Livigno and Campione d'Italia.

I got the damaged package

If the package is visibly damaged, we do not recommend to withdraw it. Leave it to the courier, declining responsibility for any damage caused to the package and the goods contained. If you have already accepted the shipment from the courier, we can not help you. In general, however, our packaging is accurate and durable so don’t worry about your shopping.

I have indicated the wrong delivery address, can I change it?

If we have not yet processed the order, so the two hours from the order confirmation have not yet expired, you can notify us of any changes by contacting us via email at info@cappuccini.it. Otherwise do not fear; our courier is flexible and available to these changes. When your order has started, contact us by specifying the tracking number, the previous wrong address and the new correct delivery address.

How can I return an item?

You can return any item (excluding those on sale or subject to promotion) as long as it is in its original condition and within 5 days from the date of delivery. Contact us by email at info@cappuccini.it first, specifying the reasons for the return; we will send you all the information to proceed. We anticipate that the return is charged to you, except for damaged or defective items or not corresponding to the order.

How can I request a refund ?

In case you want to request a refund of the returned order, we will provide the same day of receipt of the package, after a quality check of the returned items. For orders paid by credit card, the refund amount will be visible on the next card statement. The processing time may vary depending on the company issuing the credit card, in any case it is about 20 working days. The refund of orders made by bank transfer are returned to the original bank account within 48 hours of receipt of the package.

How do I create my account ?

You can easily create your own personal account in minutes. Just click on "Register", the icon on the top right if you browse from your PC, or from the menu if you browse from your smartphone or tablet. Fill out the form in all its fields and complete the registration.

Registration is mandatory in order to buy ?

No, you can also buy as a guest, without completing the registration. We always advise you to register; the procedure is simple and quick and in doing so you will ensure the opportunity to enjoy promotions and news.

I forgot my password to access the personal area

It’s not a big deal. To access your account and password request, click on "Forgot your password" and follow the procedure.